Breakfast in Gokarna - Robert de Boer

Breakfast in Gokarna

Gokarna - India ,  March 2018

It is about 9am when I go out for breakfast, days are quickly getting warmer and the sun is getting harsher as summer is approaching.

As I enter my favourite breakfast spot, it is still cool and dark inside. A beam of light coming from the window in the roof shines down into the shop. Other then that, the only other light coming in is from the door opening. It’s all that is needed.

Breakfast is simple and delicious; banana pooris with potato bhaji and masala chai. As I wait for it, the quiet morning is suddenly interrupted. A group of woman walk in. They chatter, have a drink and get a quick breakfast snack or eat a few bananas. They are loud, they are playful and colourful. Then suddenly they start buying groceries at the counter. Not much, just little things for cooking.

Not more then 7 minutes have gone by, and stillness returns. This playful scene, this breeze of fresh energy and feminine power has left the store.

Breakfast is here now, a beautiful start of the day.

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