Freezing nights

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Mont Ventoux - France ,  October 2016

The Mont Ventoux in France is a special place to me. Many times I have cycled up that mountain and it has taught me a lot. About 2 weeks ago I continued my tour across Europe and I headed to Spain. The Ventoux was sort of on my way, so I decided to viste it.

This time without my bike, it was just me and my camera and I was ready for it. Spending the day in the area, on top and around the mountain, I was excited for the evenings to come. Not only would I be taking photos, this time I would spend the night on the mountain as well.

As the Ventoux is always full of surprises, it also surprised me the 2 nights I slept on the top. The nights were beautiful with clear skies and I would be stargazing in bed. I had the mountain to myself. The few cyclist and cars which made their way up to the top during the day, they had all gone home to a warm bed. As for me, I was comfortable, but boy what was it cold as the temperature dropped to -4. After a good night sleep, the sunrise would wake me up. Slowly the night frost on the windows would melt and the sun would heat up the car. There was no other, but also not a better way to start the day.

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