Watching the sunrise

Jørpeland - Norway ,  September 2016

The key to having the mountain to yourself is to get up really early. Although it was not the high season anymore, places like this still get many tourist after the high season. I got up a 4am to start my hike at 4.30. It was still dark and without a flashlight, hikes like this are not accessible. I was the first one that morning to reach the top, pick my spot, watch the sun rise and take photos.

The descent was quite nice as well. It's funny to walk a trail you have walked a few hours before, but is completely new to you as when hiking up the mountain it was too dark to see any thing.When I reached the beginning of the hike again, I noticed the many tourist preparing to start their hike and at least 100 people getting of busses to do the same hike.

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